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EOI Escuela de Negocios

Avda. Gregorio del Amo, 6. Ciudad Universitaria (en Madrid) Avda. Leonardo da Vinci, 12 (en Sevilla) Madrid / Sevilla View map


Established in 1955, Spain’s School of Industrial Organisation was the first business school in Spain and is one of the oldest in Europe. It was a pioneer in developing specialised training programs on business skills and improving companies. Its many years of experience have enabled it to participate in modernising the economy and Spanish industries and improving Spanish companies and institutions, which has resulted in it becoming one of the most prestigious institutions in Spain. It has consequently trained over 50,000 professionals, some of whom now occupy senior positions in different organisations. EOI has spent over 50 years being committed to business development and knowledge creation. It is committed to innovation, respect for the environment, promoting new technologies and entrepreneurship.Over the next 10 years, Spain's School for Industrial Organisation EOI will make a valuable contribution to society as a global and open School:• It will train 50,000 professionals in social, economic and sustainable environmental business management.• It will promote the internationalisation and modernisation process in the management of 25,000 SMEs.• It will directly contribute to the creation of 5,000 companies and 50,000 direct jobs.• It will establish strategic alliances with 10 international schools.

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