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European University at St Petersburg

The European University at Saint-Petersburg (EUSP) was founded in 1994 as a non-governmental post-graduate school specializing in the social sciences. EUSP combines teaching with scholarly research - a method which enables us to provide an education on a par with Western institutions, and which also allows us to prepare a new generation of leading Russian academics. The EUSP provides the expert knowledge necessary for introducing and implementing key reforms, essential to the successful development of the country. Bringing the Best Together - that has been our motto and remains the cornerstone of our work. The best Russian professors have come together with outstanding students representing 54 regions of Russia and 28 countries. Since 1994 we have prepared over 800 specialists. Today they work in key positions in academic and research institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and in leading Russian and international companies. The European University at Saint-Petersburg has achieved worldwide recognition and has attained a reputation as one of the most dynamic and modern academic institutions in the country. The EUSP is the only Russian university to be included in the London School of Economic rating of the one hundred best European centers for political science.
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