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Fayoum University

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In 1975, Faculty of Education in Fayoum was established as one of the faculties affiliated to Cairo University. Faculty of Agriculture followed in 1976. After that, Faculty of Engineering was established in 1981. In 1983, the presidential decree was issued declaring Fayoum branch as an independent branch of Cairo University. Now, the university includes 13 faculties; Education, Agriculture, Engineering, social Work, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Sciences, Tourism and Hotels, Specific Education, Archeology, Medicine, Arts, Computers and Information, Kindergarten as well as the Technical Institute for Nursing. The university also includes 1800 of faculty members and their assistants teaching 25,000 students.. It is a privilege for me to be chosen as a president of Fayoum University during extremely difficult circumstances as the nation faces serious and fatal events that affect the political destiny, the economic property and the future of social security. The alarm bell rang on all spectrums of society especially the university, the tug of science and culture, however, we are confident of the staff members' ability and students' awareness to overcome these difficulties and move forward for a better future.
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