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IE Law School offers Master of Laws in both English and Spanish; innovative Bachelor programs like the unique Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and the multidisciplinary Bachelor in Politics, Law and Economics, and a wide range of Executive Education programs that empower professionals who want to excel and take their careers to the next level.
IE Law School is known for its cutting-edge approach to legal education and for the excellence of its graduates.
Legal practice is increasingly global, multidisciplinary and technological; the entrepreneurial movement is reshaping legal practice in extraordinary ways and global society faces challenges of special kind and consequence. Lawyers must be ready not just to adapt to these trends but also be able and willing to drive change.
To achieve that aim, our programs make sure that students develop the right set of core skills. A global mind-set can only be acquired if students are confronted both with the need to solve complex, crossborder legal cases by working in multidisciplinary teams within the classroom and with real exposure to the practice of law.
Developing an entrepreneurial spirit requires both mastering technical skills and applying them to real projects through a hands-on approach. The opportunities that the technology revolution brings can only be harnessed if students develop the right set of skills and learn how to apply them to make a difference in the practice of law.
This is why all our programmes, whether at undergraduate, postgraduate or executive education level, follow the same fundamental vision.

IE Law School offers unique legal programs adapted to the needs and ambitions of today’s students. Our practical, multidisciplinary, innovative, humanistic and global approach gives students the tools to become leaders and explore the law through a unique set of values.
The successful integration of the MBA module in all our LLMs programs provides lawyers the knowledge and necessary skills to standout and succeed in a competitive and global legal market.
Our programs include a holistic combination of soft skills needed to successfully lead teams in the market place, along with the latest technology trends to standout in the new digital economy.

IE University holds a leading position in Europe among institutions of higher education for excellence in innovation and learning technologies. In addition, our LLMs have been approved and adapted to the new European Higher Education Area, according to the Bologna Process. Due to this, once the program is completed, students have the opportunity to obtain their degree at IE University.
We invite you to explore the school and experience how innovation drives the legal world.

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