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IE School of Human Sciences & Technology

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Grounded in the science of human behavior, powered by communication, and enabled by data and technology, graduates of the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology are able to excel at jobs that require constructive innovation.

The unifying theme across our diverse Bachelors, Masters, and Executive programs is an emphasis on understanding, engaging, and enabling people in the many contexts in which they work and live – as consumers, employees, leaders, citizens and members of families and communities.  We believe it is critical that HST graduates possess not only deep expertise within their chosen area of study, but also the ability to think, work, and innovate across disciplinary boundaries.
Our graduates also gain the cross-cultural awareness, entrepreneurial mindset and behavioral skills necessary to work effectively in the teams and organizations in which they pursue their careers.

The mission of IE School of Human Sciences and Technology is to educate and develop a new generation of directors with an international profile, and equip them to manage the challenges posed by companies, government and society. This is achieved through new approaches to thinking and innovation based on the science of human behavior, driven by communication and the ability to fully leverage technology and information.
IE School of Human Sciences and Technology offers degree, post-graduate and executive education programs in various exciting fields such as Data and Analytics, Digital Business, Technology Innovation and Transformation, Information Management Systems, Market Research, Consumer insights, Customer Experience Design, Talent Management, Organizational Marketing, Communications, Positive Psychology and Leadership.

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