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Information and Communications University, Korea

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South Korea


The university consists of an engineering school and a business school. Both are focused on information technology. The engineering school is focused on research in computer science and communications technology and has a total of 764 students. The business school is focused on the managerial and financial aspects of the IT industry and has a total of 162 students. Undergraduate students are offered B.S. degrees in Computer Science and Engineering or Electrical and Computer Engineering by the engineering school and B.S. degrees in IT-Business by the business school. Graduate students enroll in M.S. or Ph.D. programs in specialized tracks in Engineering or IT-Business. It is also possible to enroll in a combined M.S./Ph.D. program. The engineering school also offers a Master of Software Engineering (MSE) program, which is run jointly with Carnegie Mellon University. Courses are taught in spring, summer, and fall terms. Almost all of the courses are taught in English. In preparation, undergraduate students receive instruction in the language even before entering the university, and must take additional courses in English up to their second year of studies.

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