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INSA Business School

Torrent de l’Olla, 208 Barcelona,
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INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School is a private Business School with over 30 years experience in the training sector, which has PROFESSIONALS TRAINING PROFESSIONALS. Our main objective is to train PROFESSIONALS, able to incorporate into the labor market and a workplace, having a solid foundation of practical knowledge and skills to successfully perform their duties from the first day and, moreover, give them social, professional and work recognition. For this, the constant contact with businesses and their needs is essential and INSA do it through Professional who are our Teachers and through the services offered to companies and through the alumni network.
INSA has more than 13,000 alumni from 40 different nationalities. Market, political, economic and technological changes have demanded that INSA annually update their programs, creating new courses as well as offering our students the possibility of studying entirely in English with a major international perspective. Furthermore, INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School maintains several collaboration agreements with major institutions.

All INSA’s qualifications match the job offers coming from the professional world and labor market that demands ever newer professional specialties that are different from the traditional. The business world demands skilled professionals in business management, marketing, advertising, public relations and executive assistants, with extensive training, knowledge and skills to master new technologies.

Our own, up-to-date and dynamic training plans
The academic programs are designed in a realistic and flexible way, overcoming the rigidities that characterize today many training plans.

Individualized attention for students
The school keeps track of the personal situation and progress of each student. For this, the teaching is conducted within small groups of students who have, in their respective courses, a tutor that the student meets throughout the academic year and receives guidance in both educational and professional aspects.

Teaching practice: Professional Teachers
To achieve student employability, INSA enhances the practical side of teaching. Therefore, the INSA faculty consists of active entrepreneurs and managers, responding to a very specific profile, which takes into account their education, work experience and skills training.

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