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Institut Supérieur d'Électronique de Paris (ISEP)

Founded in 1955 and located in the very center of Paris, ISEP is a private engineering school recognized by the French government. ISEP is a member of the prestigious Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. Teaching duties are shared by permanent faculty members and experts from the industrial world. ISEP enrols approximately 800 students and 18 percent of them come from abroad. International students holding a bachelor degree or equivalent can attend one of ISEP's two international MSc programs entirely taught in English: - MSc in Information Technology (IT) with 3 majors: System Integration and Project Management (SIPM), Networks and Telecommunications: Infrastructures & Services (NTIS), Information Systems (IS) - MSc in Electronics & Telecommunications (ET) with 2 major: Electronics for Systems (EFS) or Telecommunications and Wireless Networks (TWN). The MSc programs enable to develop knowledge and skills for an international career in engineering and in the new technologies. Each program is made of 3 semesters: the first two are academic and the third one is dedicated to an internship in a company in France or abroad. This internship gives the student the opportunity to display valuable professional skills and to start a career. French courses are included in both programs. ISEP provides...
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