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Institute of Business Administration (IBA)

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The cornerstone of the Institute of Business Administration was laid in the year 1955. Sixty years down the line, the institute remains dedicated to the task of imparting valuable education and work ethics to its students. The institute has gone through major changes over these six decades in order to embrace a wider set of disciplines in its curricula. These changes have been made in order to respond to the requirements of the society, market and economy. They are also an outcome of associations forged with credible institutions, local and international and various stakeholders, prominent being the IBA Alumni. Infrastructural and technological advancements have been accomplished despite their expected share of challenges. The cumulative impact of these developments is that the IBA today provides a conducive environment to its students continuously enriching their academic pursuits with networking, entrepreneurial, cultural and experiential learning. The blend of these sure-footed steps has enabled a more wholesome environment of enlightenment. The Institute takes pride in honing skills that would not only make our graduates highly valued professionals, but at the same time imbibe ethical values in them, so that they are able to exhibit and demonstrate standards of integrity in the wake of temptations...

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