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Intercultural Management and Communication Institute



SIT is a Grande École offering programmes in Intercultural Management and Communication, Translation, and Conference Interpreting. ISIT's students, who graduate with a government-accredited Master's degree, find employment in private-sector firms and major international organisations. Founded as an association in 1957, ISIT offers training for students who find employment in a variety of professional fields: As translators, conference interpreters and lawyer-linguists in such international organisations as the European Commission, UNESCO, the UN or the European Court of Justice In the marketing, communication, human resource, sales and purchasing departments of multinational firms Through CRATIL, the school’s research centre, ISIT also takes part in international research projects in areas such as translation science, multilingual communication and intercultural management. ISIT’s humanist roots can be seen in its commitment to train men and women with a sense of fairness, sharing and respect for others. It is people that allow companies to live, prosper and successfully achieve their goals, because it is their ideas, plans, thoughts and decisions that are transformed into action.

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