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Islamic University of Lebanon

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The Islamic University of Lebanon is a private Lebanese institution of higher education, licensed under decree n° 8600 of the 12th of June 1996. The Vanished Imam Sayed Moussa Sadr brought this idea forth and laid the groundwork for establishing this institution. The departed Imam Sheikh Mohammad Mahdi Shamseddine (May Allah sanctify his soul) made his best endeavors and utmost efforts to build this institution. Today, Imam Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan, the vice president of the Supreme Shiite Council and the chairman of its Board of Trustees, continues to develop and improve the university. Dr. Hassan Chalabi has been the President of this institution since it was founded.This university seeks to contribute to the solution proposed by the Supreme Shiite Council in Lebanon which deals with the national coalition and consolidation of the different sects and religions in the Lebanese civil community, where one political framework encompasses an equitable state for all its citizens. Therefore, this institution is committed to providing faith and knowledge as an inspirational source for the nation, the citizen, the state and the Lebanese society as a whole.
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  • 15.2
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