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Italian National film school

via Tuscolana, 1524 - 00173 Rome,
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The Centro sperimentale di cinematografia (Experimental film centre or Italian National film school) was established in 1935 in Italy and aims to promote the art and technique of cinematography and film.

It is the oldest film school in Western Europe, founded in the city of Rome in 1935 during the Benito Mussolini era by his head of cinema Luigi Freddi, was and is still financed by the Italian government and focuses on education, research, publication and theory.

The center is the most important Italian institution for training, research and experimentation in the field of cinema, intended in its widest sense, of films, documentaries, fiction and animation.

Among its goals, are the development of the cinema and audio-visual art and techniques to levels of excellency, through distinct sectors of the Foundation itself, the National Film School and the National Film Archive.

The National Film School has its main headquarters in Rome with triennial courses of acting, screenplay writing, production design, set design and costuming, cinematography, sound engineering, production and editing.

Located near Cinecittà, the school trains its students using 35mm equipment over a 3-yr period. With only 6 places available per classe, selection is highly competitive.





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