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Josai University

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Established in 1965, Josai University is based on the idea expressed in the founding philosophy that the objective is not only learning itself, but to build character. Today, the most important issue for the university is to tackle the task of educating human resources society needs. This year, the Sakado campus is buzzing with activity as, once again, we welcome more than 2000 new students to the faculties, graduate school, junior college, and the Japanese language program. The atmosphere created by the young students encourages us to work toward building character as expressed in the educational philosophy of the university. Whenever the opportunity arises, I tell students to aim to be specialists as much as generalists. The university provides an appropriate venue to grow in this way. To achieve this goal while studying at Josai University, firstly, speak Japanese properly, clearly and with purpose. Secondly, master at least one foreign language and, thirdly, make an effort to learn things you do not already know. Since we have many programs and facilities in place to facilitate your progress, we expect you to make good use of these resources and to work hard to achieve your goals.

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