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Kagawa University has a history of engaging actively in academic exchanges with overseas institutions. As early as in 1975, professors from the Faculty of Agriculture had visited Asian, African and South American countries to carry out research, provide technical and academic training, and to give lectures at various universities. This was at a time when most other Japanese researchers tended mainly to visit European countries the US. In accordance with the government’s Foreign Student Policy for the 21st Century Act, Kagawa University started to prepare to receive international students and in April 1985 a plan to receive international students at Kagawa University was enacted and a Committee for International Student Affairs was set up. At the same time, progress was made in establishing regulations for international trainees at the university. In 1986, a booklet in English was printed to provide international students with information about the university. In the following year, Japanese language and Japanese Affairs courses were started and the Regulations concerning Foreign Researchers was established. Since then, Kagawa University has undertaken the education of international trainees and researchers.

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