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Кarshi Engineering-Economics Institute was established by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1995. Currently, the institute has 6 faculties (Economics, Industrial technology, Geology and Mining,  Oil and gas, Energy, Engineering-technical), 27 education departments, the department of science and scientific-pedagogical staff, the center of “Professional Development”, the center of “Gifted Students” and 2 academic lyceums. Today, 8000 bachelors are trained in 30 specialties, 78 masters in 8 specialties in the institute. There are 500 teachers, from which 15 are doctors and professors, 125 are associate professors and candidates of science. International relations are well organized and “The department of international relations” is in act. Currently, scientists of the institute are working with more than 20 foreign countries’ (such as Germany, China, Italy, Southern Korea, Netherlands, Poland, USA, Israel, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Italy,  Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan) higher educational institutions based on mutual scientific-applied co-operative contracts. Our students are currently studying at the foreign higher educational institutions of the countries such as USA, Italy, England, Belgium, and Germany. More than 40 of our teaching staff members have improved their qualifications in foreign universities.

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