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Kyoto Seika University

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“SEIKA renounces all the conventional values of the past like a blank canvas. We are creating a new university imbued with the spirit of freedom and autonomy where all faculty members and students are respected first of all as people.” Seiichi Okamoto, SEIKA’s first president, envisioned the creation of an entirely new kind of university education, passionately advocating the concept of a university based on the spirit of freedom and autonomy. Kyoto Seika University?SEIKA? was founded on the principles laid out in the Foundational Principles of Education proposed by its first President, Seiichi Okamoto. Staff and teachers who agreed wholeheartedly with Okamoto’s Memorandum on Foundational Education Principles committed their support and in 1968 Kyoto Seika University (then Kyoto Seika College) opened.

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