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Kyung Hee University


A private, coeducational university founded in 1949, Kyung Hee University is not merely a campus. It is a comprehensive educational system encompassing all grades from kindergarten to graduate school. The university's motto, "Democratization of School, Ideas, and Living," embodies the principles upon which the United Nations is founded. Three campuses comprise the university: the 245-acre Seoul Campus, lush with trees, the 510-acre Suwon Campus beside stunning Singal Lake, and the 12-acre Kwangnung Campus nestled serenely to the north of Seoul. Two semesters constitute the school year: the spring semester, (which lasts from March to June) and the fall semester (which lasts from September to December). The Seoul and Suwon Campuses contain 20 colleges.2,300 faculty members constitute the university's corps of instructors, researchers and professors. The two campuses have an enrollment of over 23,000 students at a median age of 22. Undergraduate students comprise 89% of the university's population, while graduate students make up the remaining 11%; 3% of all students live on campus.

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