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L'Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique

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Recognized by the State, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique grants a Master’s level degree certified by the French Minister of Higher Education, as well as various undergraduate degrees. Design training is based on professional, methodological, hands-on design projects conducted in partnership with companies.

The Master’s degree in design (MDes) is a 5-year curriculum divided into two cycles (a 3-year undergraduate program followed by a 2-year postgraduate program). L’École de design Nantes Atlantique is one of the few design school(s) to have obtained certification from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research for its Master’s degree in design.

Our four core values

  • The recognition of creative workers as true professionals
  • The promotion of design as a strong economic asset
  • Design as a trigger for innovation
  • Design as a practice that tackles social, economic and environmental issues in a responsible way

Bachelor's level: a one-year course is available in English - the International Class- which brings together students from all different design and cultural backgrounds in four project groups: Brand Design, Digital Media Design, Industrial Products, or Retail &Interior Design.

Master's level: All the masters in design (MDes) programs offered by L'École de design Nantes Atlantique lead to the master’s level degree certified by the Ministry of Higher Education. Officially certified since 2002 and confirmed with honors in 2011, the degree from L’École de design is also registered in the Registre National des Certifications Professionnelles (the French directory for vocational qualifications or RNCP) as a Level I Master’s degree and was assessed again in 2016 by the Haut Conseil pour l’Evaluation de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement supérieur (the French evaluation agency for research and higher education, or HCERES), and received the highest possible grade.

The programs bring together students from different fields of design and undergraduate curriculums (product, spatial, interaction or graphic design) and most of them are available in English or in French.Central to the programs are a strong international dimension, the acquisition of project management skills and a cross-disciplinary, professional approach to design.

Acquisition of professionaldesign skills The skills gained during the 2-year MDes programs are based on different abilities:

  • Use design in an innovative strategy
  • Encourage collaborative work
  • Follow the development of a product

A subject-based approach within our design and innovation centers

The MDes course programs are organized around cross-disciplinary socio-economic issues. This specialized approach complements the knowledge acquired from previous undergraduate courses. These programs constitute the educational component of our innovation and design centers. Our centers promote the development of a subject-based expertise through applied research within Design Labs, as well as through teaching and encouraging innovation.

We currently run five design centers, Care Design, Human Machine Design, Food Design, City Design and Media Design.

We offer programs taught in Nantes or within our International Studio: Transcultural Design

To apply online: http://www.lecolededesign.com/en/apply/

Have any questions? Contact us: [email protected] 

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique is in the north eastern part of Nantes, on the technological campus of “Atlanpole La Chantrerie”.
It has a combined working area of more than 5000 m² and Design Labs in the city center.
L’École de design is open to students from Monday to Friday, from 7:45 am till 10 pm.
Students have access to all classrooms and workshops, except when these one are not available during regular teaching classes.

Equipment accessible to the students:
›› Computer rooms: 120 workstations
›› Model-making workshop (300 m²)
›› Digital workshop (VR equipment)
›› Motion Capture room
›› Sound studio
›› Photo studio
›› Cafeteria

COVID-19 Information:

  • What is the status of planned campus admission open days/tours? If these events are cancelled, are they being replaced in any way (i.e. by online alternatives)?
    All our in site events are cancelled. Videomeeting can be arranged.
  • How can applicants contact the university about their application?
    For any information regarding the admissions, please contact us by email : [email protected]
  • How is the university handling applicants whose exams have been cancelled?
    All our interviews are conducted by videomeeting.
  • What advice is the university offering to applicants unable to take an English-language test due to centers being closed?
    The interview will be conducted in English, so we will be able to assess the English level.
  • How is the university supporting applicants whose visa applications have been delayed?
    The international office will help students throughout visa procedure.

  • Is the university still accepting applications? Are there any restrictions being placed on international applicants?
    Applications process remains unchanged.
  • How are applications for university accommodation being handled?
    The process is still the same, once accepted the student will receive all the information needed.
  • Is the university making any changes to entry requirements (i.e. test results, required documents)?
    The academic requirements remain unchanged, beside the English-language test.

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