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Maharaja Krishnakumasinhji Bhavnagar University

364001 Gaurishanker Lake Road Bhavnagar/Gujarat View map


The University in committed to the cause of a dynamic equilibrium within the society and environment value added education, while keeping the principles of Excellence, Efficiency and Equity in its frame. By identifying social requirement, the University shall generate an environment to provide career solutions through compatible academic programme contributing towards. The Mission To evolve and execute educational & developmental programmers, training programmes, faculty enrichment programmes, social awareness programmes, knowledge acquisition, development, preservation, dissemination and extension of the frontiers of knowledge in the interest of ‘Community at large’. Science Faculty The Faculty of Science is involved in research areas of Synthetic, Coordination Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Coordination, Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Marine Pollution, Magnetic Fluid, Nanotechnology, Astrophysics, Halophytes, Microbial Physiology, Animal Physiology, Marine, Bio-remediation, Marine Ecology, Theory of Relativity, Functional Analysis and Number Theory, Artificial Intelligence & Multimedia, Genomics, Proteomics, Drug design, Database Technology, etc. Arts Faculty The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in involved in research areas of Economics of Higher Education, International Trade, Industrial Economics, Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics, Vedant, Lalit Vangmay. Dalit Studies, Environment and Gender Studies, Short Stories, Clinical and Social Psychology, Modern Period, Freedom Movements, Dalit History, Regional History, Drama, Poetry, Fiction, Indian and English Literature, ELT, etc.

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