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Personalised learning, 10:1 student:professor ratio

Based in Costa del Sol in Southern Spain, Marbella International University Center (MIUC) is a competitive university which offers Bologna & UK-accredited programmes, personalized learning, small class sizes and a unique international environment, thanks to Marbella's microclimate you will enjoy 320 days of sun every year.

An international environment

95% of students at MIUC are international, with 45 nationalities represented on campus. All courses taught at MIUC are in English, though students may choose to take advantage of language classes at MIUC, which are available in several languages (Spanish, English, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and more), in order to prepare for standardized tests such as BULATS, DELE or DELF.

A broad range of subjects

MIUC covers the following subject areas:

  • International business
  • International relations
  • Marketing, advertising, communications and PR
  • Information Systems
  • Business Analytics & Big Data
  • Psychology
  • International business management

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It has often been said that the heart of a University is its facilities.Indeed, the amenities contribute greatly towards creating a great environment forits students, but also for the city itself. Location, location, location, andour campus has got it all! Scenic views of the mountains in the background andthe Mediterranean Sea to the foreground, close to the city centre, and encapsulatedin tropical and luxuriant gardens.

Our main building on campus is where it allhappens. This refurbished ancient finca provides us with a casing for our soul. Comprising 4 floors, the elegantand modernized building astounds with its bright and sunny reception area onthe main floor, offering panoramic and breath-taking views of the mountains,sea and our own plush gardens, including the half-moon, where commencementexercises, as well as important cultural and social activities and events areheld.

The top floor of our building houses allthe administration departments, including the Student Life Psychology,Recruitment, Admissions and Housing departments. 

Our info desk is found on the main floor,just in front of the expansive lounge, outfitted with large, comfortable sofasand chairs for relaxing between classes or before/after lunch at ourindoor/outdoor cafeteria, with an exit to our sunny terrace facing the sea. Ourlibrary can be found on this floor as well. All the books required for thevarious courses can be found here, and if anything special is need, ourlibrarian will help you find them. The following classrooms are also found onthis floor, each with a name to make you reflect, such as Education, Intelligenceand Dreams, each one with a specialquote from brilliant minds such as Picasso, Mandela… All the classrooms areequipped with state of the art devices to ensure our students attain theirgoals.

The floor below houses 5 additional classrooms,known as Work, Goals, Leadership, Future and Success. Success sports on its wall a famous quote by SpaniardPainter Pablo Picasso, “Action is thefoundational key to all success” as well as a small rest room, lounge withsofas and another exit to our garden and pool.,

The last floor is reserved for two moreclassrooms, called Experience and Freedom. As well, the AcademicDepartment is located here, with both faculty and administrators in situ,should you need them.

Our outdoor facilities rival our indooramenities, with a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, volleyball, tennis and basketball courts.

Private and 24/7 parking spaces areavailable for all our students.

We take your security seriously, and ensureyou feel secure on campus with our own MIUC security guards and securitycameras.

Amongst the verdant gardens andbreath-taking views, students may rest assured that all our MIUC faculty andstaff are committed to ensuring our students reach and obtain - or even surpass– their goals.


There is something we never guarantee – adull moment on the MIUC Marbella Campus.

MIUC hosts an enthusiastic and fundepartment whose goal is managing all the students’ extracurricular activities.Located on the top floor of the main campus building, the Student Life team isalways team willing to find ways to help our students get involved, help themadapt and feel more comfortable in our MIUC environment, especially those whohave just recently joined us for the very first time – our Freshmen – as theyarrive from their various cultures, countries and backgrounds.

Our students can count on their support ineverything, from health issues through to plumbing glitches.  

Our campus is home to many sports, such as basketball,volleyball, tennis, table tennis, and even swimming. The folks from the StudentLife Department also organise enjoyable activities on campus such as barbecueand pool parties, as well as off-site events such as weekly get-together fordinner.   

Off campus, Student Life arranges as wellextra activities such as football, playing against other universities orcolleges. Seeing as we are located right by the Mediterranean Sea, we also havea sailing club which may interest sea lovers.

In addition to sporting and socialactivities, the Student Life Department organises excursions to historicalcities, with sightseeing trips to Malaga (45km distance from Marbella);Gibraltar (British overseas territory at the southern tip of the IberianPeninsula), Granada with its impressive palace and fortress complex, Alhambraand Cordoba with its historical centre as UNESCO’s heritage Site and to admirelos patios in May. One of the most interesting trips is El Caminito del Rey(The King's Little Pathway) a walkway, lining the steep walls of a narrow gorge.

MIUC is located near the Sierra Nevada, sothere are regular ski trip excursions in winter to take on the slopes. 

They also coordinate karaoke events anddance lessons, with bachata being this year´s favourite.

Photography courses and weekly cine clubsessions are other kind of activities you may find scheduled by this wondrousdepartment.

They just have only one mission: to makeour students´ lives a unique experience abroad and make them feel as if theywere at home. 


So, no need to feel homesick, because our StudentLife Department is here to help overcome any culture shocks or shyness easily.

Many people may have some concerns aboutthe admission process, but the truth is MIUC makes it easy, with a dedicatedteam of professionals who will guide you through the steps, from start tofinish.

This procedure is not quite as complex asyou may imagine, indeed, we pride ourselves on its ease of completion. We willbe at your side during all facets of the bureaucratic necessities.  

What does the admissions process entail?

Admittance to our University begins withyour application via our website. Should you have any queries about yourenrollment, just contact one of our experienced advisors, who will quickly helpyou resolve any issues you may have.

As soon as the Admissions Departmentreceives your online application form, our Admission team will get in touch withyou to support you and help you through all the necessary procedures.

You will be asked to provide all the usualsupporting documents for admittance to a University, including a statement ofpurpose in which you tell us why you want to join us here at MIUC and lettingus know about your future goals; your High School/Bachelor diploma andtranscripts; a passport-sized digital photograph, a copy of your passport orIdentity card, and, last but not least, an English Language certificate fornon-native speakers. MIUC requires a B2 or above of the European CommonFramework for Reference. Be advised that the obtention of this document maytake some time.  If you cannot obtainthis document in a timely fashion, you may take a test at MIUC to determineyour level of English.

The second step in the Admissions procedureis an Acceptance Interview, where our team will talk to you, to get to know youbetter and to ascertain your academic background and future plans. Thisinterview normally takes around 30 minutes, and can be done either via mobileor Skype.  

Following this interview, the Admissionsteam will prepare a report, sending it and all further supporting documentationto the Academic Office to examine.

The Admissions Department will be in touchwith you within 4-5 working days, to let you know your admission status.

Once you have received your AcceptanceLetter, outlining all the installment payments details, you will have 10working days to pay your reservation fee, as we have limited places and prioritise those who pay to guarantee their spot. 

As soon as your last fee installment paid,you will receive an Admission Letter, which non-European citizen may then bringto the Spanish Embassy to commence the process for obtaining a student visa.

Usually, the visa process takes up to 3months to be completed, and our department will guide you throughout theprocess, should you need any assistance.

Our students have an approval rate of justunder 100%, which means our students are guaranteed a proper and efficient visaguidance support.


By the time you obtain your student visa,we are ready to welcome you to our MIUC culturally diverse University.

To conclude our presentation, let us talkabout what motivates our students to study.

Our students come study with us not justfor our multicultural environment but also for the career opportunities and theinternships that are provided to them starting year first.

Our Internship Department, staffed byexperts in this field, is responsible for providing various types of internshipopportunities to our students, such as embassies, consulates, five-star hotelsand Spanish TV channels, as well as with other prestigious companies, both locallyand internationally.  

We offer our students the opportunity to gainexperience from the first moment they join us, because we believe that experiencehas an important impact on a student´s life, helping them grow inself-confidence towards a successful future.

Marbella is a hub of activities in avariety of fields. Its multicultural environment and companies from all aroundthe world make the city a glittering place of opportunities for our students, ensuringtheir chances of obtaining a good internship in Marbella is higher than in any otherplace.

Our Internship Department will help youfind the one that best suits your profile and follow you throughout the entireinternship.

Of course, your professors are alsoavailable as well, via one-to-one tutoring session, to help you enhance your businesseither one you already have or would like to have.


Our University leaves no stone unturnedwhen it comes to providing our students with all the necessary material andhuman resources to reach their goals.

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