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Minin Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University

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Minin Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University (Minin University) is one of the oldest pedagogical universities in Russia, the traditions of which originate from the beginning of the XX century. Today, our university is an educational platform for more than ten thousand students from more than half of Russia and nearly 30 countries around the world. 

Minin University is not only about pedagogy and psychology. We educate future professionals at six departments in more than 150 educational programs, including both humanitarian and engineering profiles. 

We have implemented an advanced student quality rating system, allowing each Minin student to start forming their portfolio —  a summary comprising all the achievements obtained during the study —  already from the first year. Given the high level of academic training, deep involvement of students in pedagogical and practical training, we allow graduates to come into a great demand in the labour market. 

We highly appreciate and support our students in need: a developed system of social sustenance for students includes classic and personal scholarships, grants and incentive payments. Studying at Minin University is not only interesting, but also profitable!

In 2017, Minin University was recognized as the universitarian Center for Social Development in the region. The university is also recognized as the Federal Innovation Platform for the education programs.

The Minin University website (https://mininuniver.ru/) became the winner of the Open International Competition of Higher and Additional Professional Teacher Education Institutions Websites "Internet Award EAPU-2017"( https://mininuniver.ru/about/news/sajt-mininskogo-universiteta-priznan-luchshim-sredi-vuzov-rossii-i-stran-sng).

 The University is a member of the Association for the Online Platform Development for Open Pedagogical Education (https://mininuniver.ru/about/news/mininskij-universitet-podpisal-dogovor-o-sozdanii-assotsiatsii-natsionalnaya-platforma-otkrytogo-pedagogicheskogo-obrazovaniya).

The Portal for Inclusive Education (https://xn--80aabdcpejeebhqo2afglbd3b9w.xn--p1ai/) is another product of the Minin University. It is the main tool for information support of inclusive education at Russian universities. Minin University is responsible for supporting the Information System on inclusive education of higher education institutions. 10 educational programs of the University are included in the directory "The Best Programs of Innovative Russia-2017". The university's partner network includes more than 250 organizations.

The University regularly presents its strategic developments, projects and technologies, information and advertising products at the leading international education fair in Russia (https://mininuniver.ru/about/news/mininskij-universitet-prinyal-uchastie-v-moskovskom-mezhdunarodnom-salone-obrazovaniya).

The scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal "The Bulletin of the Minin University " (http://vestnik.mininuniver.ru//jour ) is registered with Center International de l'ISSN (2307-1281).

The journal articles are accepted in the following scientific fields: Pedagogy, Psychology and Philosophy. The journal is included in the international bibliographic and abstract databases: ResearchBib (Academic Resource Index), EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). Impact factor of the "Bulletin of the Minin University” is 1,55.

Minin University also drives scientific and educational lectures (https://mininuniver.ru/scientific/scientific-activities/nauchno-obrazovatelnyj-lektorij).  The university is implementing a program to support doctoral and candidate dissertational research.

In 2017, the University implemented the project "Scientific Book of the Minin University", which allows creating a single field of scientific communication of the leading scientists of the university.


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