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Moscow State Forest University

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Moscow State Forest University – specialized establishment of higher education which trains engineering personnel, scientists as well as bachelors and masters for forest industry, wood processing and pulp-and-paper industry and is the major educational and scientific centre of forest complex of the country. The University comprises: 10 faculties, 58 departments, 5 scientific research institutes, a tree-nursery in Schelkovo, branch of international institute of trade and investment in forest complex, 29 branches of departments in the enterprises, 2 certificate centres, postgraduate study and doctorate, International School of Business and Management There are 330000 volumes of manuals and 211000 volumes of scientific books in the Universities’ library. A tree-nursery in Schelkovo occupies the area of 36000 hectares and comprises two hunting enterprises, 2 forest nurseries – Grebnevskiy (33 ha) and Valentinovskiy (42ha), furniture-making workshop, sawing workshop and logging terminal.

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