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Nagoya Institute of Technology (NIT)

NIT was founded in 1905 as Nagoya Higher Technical School, a pioneering academic institute dedicated to industrial education. Since then, it has been renamed twice, first as Nagoya College of Technology in 1944, and then in 1949 its name changed to NIT. The second name change came about through merging with Aichi Prefectural College of Technology, which was founded in 1943. In 2004, NIT was reincorporated under a new National University Corporation system. Since 1905, more than 50,000 engineering students have graduated from our Institute. They have demonstrated outstanding achievements in professional fields as well as academic areas. Our aims as a University of Science and Technology NIT, situated in the world-quality manufacturing area of Central Japan, offers high-class education and research that support the technical innovation and industry enhancement of this area. By cooperating with other universities of science and technology around the world, we develop new science and technology through interdisciplinary studies, and seek to create a better future through education. Our aims are summarized below. - Education: We aim to provide education that will lead to engineers and researchers aware of the concerns of society who can play their parts as good citizens with a sound sense...
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