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National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture (Ukraine)

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The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture was founded as the Ukrainian Academy of Arts at December 5, 1917 in Kiev. The Founding Committee was headed by Pavlutsky with the initiative of the General Secretary of the Ministry of Education of the Ukrainian People's Republic I. Steshenko. The Academy was headed by the Council of Academy composed from D. Antonovich, P. Zaitsev, D. Shcherbakovskaya (Scientific Secretary), and others. The first rector was Fedor Krichevsky. In 1992 by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the university returned to its original name - the All-Ukrainian Academy of Arts, and according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 17, 1998, it became The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. By the decision of the State Accreditation Commission of Ukraine on July, 1997 Academy has IV accredited level, and on November, 1999 - certified. In September 2000 of Presidential Decree Academy was granted the status of national institution as outstanding artistic education center for significant achievements in teaching and research activities, and for the preparation of the artistic and scientific-pedagogical personnel in the field of Fine Arts and Architecture Academy

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