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National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Islamabad

44000 FAST House Islamabad View map


The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences is a private research university and one of the leading technical institutions in Pakistan. It has multiple campuses based in cosmopolitan cities of Pakistan and has distinction of being the first multi-campus university in Pakistan. The Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST) was founded and established by BCCI financier Hasan Abidi that provided a large financial capital for university's purpose to promote research in computer sciences and emerging technologies in 1980. Established in 2000, it is regarded as one of the leading technical universities in Pakistan. It offers a wide range of programs for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies in engineering, management sciences, business administration, humanities, arts and natural and social sciences. It is consistently ranked among one of the leading and top institutions of higher learning in the country, securing its top rank in the computer sciences/IT category by the HEC in 2010.

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