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National University of Kaohsiung

No. 700 Gaoxiongdaxue Rd Nanzi District / Kaohsiung City View map


The National Universityof Kaohsiung (NUK) was founded in 2000 to promote the balanced development ofhigher education in southern and northern Taiwan and to coordinate thegovernment's industrial policy. Therefore, NUK has superb geographical locationand is very close to the Science, Industrial, and Software Parks and publictransportation, such as Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taiwan Railway, Mass RapidTransit (MRT) stations, and Kaohsiung International Airport. Surrounded by manyimportant industry clusters, NUK has great geographical advantages in terms ofresearch and academia-industry development. In addition, our teaching andresearch staff is in their prime of life and is enthusiastic and energetic asthe average of their age is only 47.7. 95.1% of them have Ph.D. degrees andhave abundant academic experience. According to a survey conducted by theGlobal Views Monthly in 2012, the quantity of our research andacademia-industry outputs is outstanding and is ranked as the eighth in Taiwan.In 2015, NUK is also ranked the third place in the survey of "2015Enterprises most- favored universities in Kaohsiung and Pingtung area"conducted by China Times Weekly. The beautiful campus of NUK covers 82.5hectares. With the efforts of former principals Prof. Jen-Houng Wang, Prof.Ing-Chung Huang and Prof. Jow-Lay Huang. NUK became Taiwan's first universitythat signed the Talloires Declaration in 2004. We were appointed as the"Model Green University" by the Ministry of Education in 2009, andwere also awarded as the "Wetlands of National Importance" by theMinistry of the Interior in 2011. Both teachers and students feel relaxed andjoyous when walking on the campus. Because of our geographical superiority,young teaching and research staff with great potentials, excellent students,and beautiful campus, NUK has all qualifications to become a world-classuniversity. Currently, we have five colleges. The College of Humanities andSocial Science has five departments in the fields of Western Languages, EastAsian Languages, Health and Leisure, Architectural design and AthleticPerformance. Diversified academic fields also provide us excellentopportunities for interdisciplinary development and enhancement of students'knowledge in humanities. The College of Law in NUK is the only and the mostcomprehensive one in central and southern Taiwan. Regarding the College of Management,it provides featured programs, such as Executive Master of BusinessAdministration (EMBA), International Executive Master of BusinessAdministration (IEMBA), and International Master of Business Administration(IMBA), and offers studying abroad programs. This college also has significantachievements in the fields, such as, economics, finance, information, andmanagement. The scales of the College of Science and the College of Engineeringare comprehensive. Their teaching and research staff accounts for 45.1% of the totalnumber of NUK staff. These two colleges emphasize on the development offeatured and integrated research based on existing academic researchachievements, and have established close and substantial cooperation withsurrounding industries.

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