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National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek

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National University Uzbekistan (www.nuu.uz/eng) passed a number of stages, functioning as the "Turkestan People's University" (1918-1923), "Central Asian State University" (1923-1960) and "Tashkent State University" (1960-2000). A special mission of the NUU was manifested in the fact that it served as an alma mater for a number of higher educational institutions and research institutions of a new type scattered throughout Central Asia. Famous scientists who made a significant contribution to the development of world science came out of the university.Today, NUU is proud of the name of an enlightened ruler and great scientist Mirzo Ulugbek, in which a deep symbolic meaning is seen. It embodies the inseparability of the unique scientific and cultural achievements of our great ancestors with today's trends in higher education, as well as the promising needs of rapidly advancing scientific and technological progress. 

These people are the pride of the University, and through their example in serving the nation and people they should be the role-models for the younger generation. And these are not simply beautiful words. In the previous years more than twenty talented students of the University have become winners of Zulfiya Prize, forty students have been entitled to receive Presidential Scholarship, thirty one students became the recipients of Mirzo Ulugbek Scholarship, thirty seven learners were entitled to receive Alisher Navoi Scholarship. These successes have been facilitated by the growing requirements of our society and all the support of the world and care shown by leadership of the country that gives us new strength for serving national education and modern science, as well as traininga worthwhile generation capable of contributing to the governmental establishments with a great future. 

Majority of the graduates of the University have made a great contribution to the development of our country, have become well-known political and state leaders, scientists and writers, teachers and outstanding specialists practically in all spheres of life of independent Uzbekistan. The university trained great scientists, who contributed proudly in the development scientific progress in the world, such as Sadi Sirojiddinov, Toshmukhammad Sarimsakov, Obid Sadikov, Sadik Azimov, Khabib Abdullaev. Many of them received the highest awards of the country. Among them Ozod Sharafiddinov, Abdulla Aripov, Erkin Vohidov were awarded with the title of Hero of Uzbekistan. The advanced representatives of the Uzbek intellectuals, teachers and graduates of the University are awarded with the highest title of Honored Scientist, awarded with the “Order of Excellence” and other governmental awards.

There are 12 faculties, 74 departments, Scientific research institute of semiconductors physics and microelectronics, Institute of biophysics and biochemistry, centre for monotechnologies development, 5 museums, academic base “Botany”, scientific library, house of culture, 9 dormitories, sports fields and water sports Hall.

Faculties: Mathematics, Physics Geology and geoinformation systems, Geography and natural resources, Chemistry, Biology, Social sciences, History, Economics, Foreign Philology, Journalism, Taekwondo and sport studies, Uzbek-Israel joint faculty of High technology and computer science.

 More information: https://www.nuu.uz/engscience.


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