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North-Western State Medical University named after Mechnikov

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The North-Western state medical university named after I.I. Mechnikov (NWSMU) was founded on October 11, 2011 as a result of a successful merger of two ancient Russian medical academies. Being quite young and active, fast developing and modern at the same time our University keeps  age-old traditions and teaching canons of classical schools of medicine. 

Today the whole University life is based on three pillars: education medical care and science. NWSMU offers a wide range of educational programs both for yesterday schoolkids and the graduates who are interested in continuing their education or get a requalification. Education is conducted on 96 departments on 7 faculties: of dentistry, general medicine, preventive medicine, surgery, pediatrics, physical therapy and bio-medical faculty. Apart from 3 programs of specialist degree (general medicine, dentistry, preventive medicine), program of bachelor degree (nursery) and more than 870 programs of the further professional education (for graduates), NWSMU offers 1-2 weeks schools and short tailor-made courses for the foreign students. 

The University owns its proper net of clinics, providing patients of all ages with a complete range of medical services. The clinical management, practicing doctors are usually professors of NWSMU at the same time, because due to the University's ideology: all the professors studying new generation of doctors should practice themselves, and, vice-versa, all the prominent doctors should teach and share their priceless knowledge with the future medics. Scientific element is a very essential one. During the last 5 years NWSMU keeps the leading position among the universities in number of obtained patents for inventions and useful models. The main direction of all the scientific activities is discovering and creating to make the human's life better and to optimize a process of treatment. The University clinics hold 860 hospital beds, and provide medical help to Russian patients (more than 400 000 yearly) as well as to the foreign ones.

NWSMU is a good space for the researcher: 87 departments are involved in R&D activities; 10 research and scientific laboratories are opened for researchers; 10 research and scientific schools function in the University as well as a research institute. One of the popular ones among the proposals of additional services NWSMU provides to groups of students is a private research in one the University's lab under the direction of the competent and experienced tutor. As the foreign students mention quite often - teaching process in NWSMU is a very practice-oriented in comparison with their countries. Indeed to put all the knowledge in practice is an important point of the University's ideology. That is why, to create suitable space with all the necessary facilities, a lot of financial and non-financial resources are invested in accommodating University educational, research and medical spaces. 

In conclusion it can be mentioned that the Ministry of Health itself is a founder of the University that means that all the services provided in NWSMU are controlled properly on the governmental level.

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