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Roma Film Academy

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The Roma Film Academy is an academic structure devoted to culture and education especially concentrated in the artistic context, above all in audiovisual communication and entertainment. In particular, it is proposed as a reference point, also throughout Europe, for whomever is interested in undertaking a professional career in all those activities that revolve around cinema and television business. We believe in the importance of our students living and breathing the cinematography environment in every single moment of their learning experience within our institution.

The academic courses are annual and biennial professional courses. Our subjects of specialization are seven and include Direction, Acting, Production, Screenplay, Direction of Photography, Sound and Editing. Each course is followed by successful professionals who live and work in the cinema business every day, providing the students all their experience and innate passion for their profession. The students of the Roma Film Academy are provided with professional spaces and technical equipment which allow a constant training in step with the development of practical and conceptual film and television today.

The Roma Film Academy has a theatre, various sets realized by leading industry professionals and is equipped with a separate equipment base for the everyday teaching and workshop.


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