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The Royal Danish Academy of Music


The Royal Academy of Music is an important institution in the music industry as it reached the highest international level and compares to and cooperates with a number of the foremost music academies in the world.

The university offers study programs within music and music pedagogy at the highest level, taught by a corps of teachers, numbering several of the greatest names in music, including many international capacities affiliated as guest professors. The study environment is very international offers a wide selection of study programs at bachelor, master and advanced postgraduate soloist level aiming at employment as musicians, organists, composers, music teachers, tonmeisters or other employment possibilities within the music world.

The most important feature of the academy for students wanting to reach the music industry is the fact that the institution has important assignments within artistic and pedagogical development activities and research, as well as activities furthering both music and music culture (concerts, festivals, CD recordings, book releases, etc.)

  • 76.2
    Overall Score
  • 78.9
    Academic Reputation
  • 52.3
    Employer Reputation
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