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The Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation

119285 4a, Pudovkhin St Moscow View map


As Russia's profile and its international relations are developing at a rapid pace, the demand for specialists with a high level of knowledge and professionalism in the key areas of International Law, Management and International Economics is increasing. During its existence, more than 20,000 postgraduates have graduated from the RFTA. A postgraduate degree from RFTA offers a professionally-focussed expansion and deepening of skills developed in the undergraduate program, providing an excellent investment in the future, both personally in terms of reaching the higher rungs of the career ladder, and nationally, providing the specialist knowledge to boost international trade cooperation. Postgraduate students also have the opportunity to attend the regular lectures and presentations on urgent problems of international economic activity and master-classes given by representatives of big holdings, foreign companies and institutes, executives of ministries and governmental offices. The high calibre of RFTA's postgraduate alumni, including international business executives, economists and governmental officials lend prestige to the diplomas issued by the RFTA, making a diploma of higher professional education from the RFTA highly regarded both in Russia and abroad.

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