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Saint Petersburg State University


The beginning of the University dates back to 1724 and almost three centuries thereafter, it successfully combines traditions and innovations, research and learning, experience and youth. Today Saint-Petersburg University is one of the leading international centres of science, education and culture. The discoveries and achievements of the University professors and graduates have become part of the history of both international and Russian science and technology. A number of graduates of the University were awarded Nobel Prizes - I. Pavlov (1904) and I. Mechnikov (1908) for physiology and medicine; N. Semenov (1956) for chemistry; L. Landau (1962) and A. Prokhorov (1964) for physics; V. Leontief (1973) and L. Kantorovich (1975) for economics, I. Brodsky (1985) for literature; Fields Medal - Grigory Perelman, Stanislav Smirmov, the Shaw Prize, also regarded as Nobel of the East - Ludvig Faddeev. At present Saint-Petersburg University collaborates with 230 higher education institutions from Europe, North America, Asia and South America. The major part of partner agreements falls on the universities of Germany, Korea, the USA, China, and Finland. Many important universities in Europe, America, and Asia – notably Bologna University (Italy), the Free University of Berlin and Hamburg University (Germany), Bard College and George Mason University...

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