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Siberian State Medical University

Siberian State Medical University, founded in 1888, is ranked in top 3 medical schools and in top 30 higher educational institutions in the Russian Federation (2015). SSMU provides education to over 4 000 students annually from all parts of Russia and CIS region as well as many overseas countries (Germany, Haiti, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Mongolia). The University can boast of over 80% faculty with academic degrees (375 M.Ds). The University has graduated over 60 000 doctors and pharmacists; certified over 40 000 specialists.

The University is one of the most well-known and highly reputable medical schools owing to its top caliber academic and scientific body, and experienced physicians whose names are world-renowned. Among the graduates are 2 presidents of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 25 associate members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 42 academicians.

SSMU and its faculty are members of a number of national and international consortiums. In 2014 SSMU initiated the launch of international consortium on infectious diseases, namely Tomsk Opisthorchiasis Consortium (TOPIC) that involves Switzerland, Germany, Thailand, the USA, Netherlands. International partners include universities and research organizations in the UK, Germany, the USA, Korea, Japan, Latvia, CIS region and others.

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