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Tel Aviv University - International, School of Engineering

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Tel Aviv University is Israel’s largest and most comprehensive institution of higher learning – offering 126 schools and departments across the spectrum of sciences, humanities and arts, and a campus as dynamic and refreshing as the Mediterranean ocean on which it sits.

With highly competitive departments, TAU reigns as the clear 1st choice among Israeli students. Moreover, graduates of TAU in professional fields are the most sought after by Israeli employers, year after year.

Producing World-Class Research

At Tel Aviv University (TAU), “multidisciplinary” is not a buzzword, but rather a core value of the academic culture. The breadth of expertise – combined with the university’s location in Tel Aviv, nerve center of Israeli industry, business and culture – creates ideal conditions for cross-disciplinary research that touches on all aspects of life.

Possibilities for academic creativity are infinite. Biblical archeologists are working with nano material scientists; neurologists with management researchers; and East Asian philosophy experts with scholars of Jewish studies. Altogether, TAU researchers advance about 3,000 projects annually.

Academic cooperation is reinforced through ties with research institutions ranging from the NIH, NASA and Harvard to CERN and the Sorbonne.


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