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The University of Puerto Rico is situated in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. 

Students at the university of Puerto Rico can enjoy stunning natural landscapes, including, mountains, waterfalls and tropical forests like El Yunque National Forest. 

The population is bilingual and the area is known for its delicious culinary traditions – with influences from Spain, Africa, and the Taino cultures. 

The University of Puerto Rico has both undergraduate and postgraduate campuses which specialize in a number of different subjects and sectors. 

UPR has 11 specialized campuses and four research centers: 

Spanish is the language of instruction for many UPR courses, but students must have a working knowledge of the English language too. The individual professor decides the language used in class lectures and in student evaluation activities.

UPR also offers language courses in French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Mandarin. 

To find out more about UPRs campuses, visit the following social media channels: 

Mayagüez Campus: Facebook; Twitter; YouTube 

Medical Sciences Campus: Facebook; Twitter; Twitter Prensa; Instagram 

Aguadilla Campus: Facebook 

Cayey Campus: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram 

Bayamon Campus: Facebook; Twitter 

Humacao Campus: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; YouTube 

Ponce Campus: Facebook; Twitter; YouTube 

Utuado Campus: Facebook 

The University of Puerto Rico has 11 campuses (with 400 buildings in total) across the island – and three of them are for graduate studies, specifically PhD. 

Here’s a list of campuses and colleges at the University of Puerto Rico. 

Across its 11 campuses, UPR offers sports facilities, libraries, ROTC programs, laboratories, four research centers, distance education resources, online education, internships, short courses and so much more.  

The Medical Sciences Campus puts the Puerto Rican community in touch with the University Medical Services Clinic – enabling students to learn as they work in medical and dental clinics. 

The Cayey Campus has an Interdisciplinary Research Institute. 

All UPR campuses offer a number of services, including student counseling; tutoring services; learning center; assistance and services for students with disabilities, health services; student organizations; and honor studies program. 

The Mayagüez and Aguadilla Campus provides employment assistance to students. 


10 percent of students are international at UPR in total, with 20 percent of graduate students being international and eight percent at undergraduate level. 

The majority of international students are in the Río Piedras, Mayagüez and Medical Sciences campuses.  

The university holds a number of sports competitions and concerts offered by university musical groups and recognized artists; performances and other activities coordinated by the Extracurricular Activities Office.  

There are more than 250 students associations at UPR including choirs, bands, dance, cheerleading and more.  

The University of Puerto Rico’s student community can access university governance through the General Council of Students.  

Río Piesdas and Mayagüez campuses have students accommodation. And students live off campus at the other sites.  


Prospective students at UPR must complete the admission application and pay a $30 fee. Students must also provide an original transcript and results of their admission test. 

UPR admission is based on an admission index formula: 

  • The General Admission Index is based on the Admission Test of the College Entrance Examination or SAT. It is calculated as follows:
  • 50 percent is based on the high school academic index, 25 percent on the mathematical score and 25 percent on the verbal score of the college entrance exam 

International students: 

  • Complete and submit the Online Admission Application 
  • Take the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) University Assessment and Admission Tests (PAAs) and/or sat I and SAT II-Subject Test (English-Literature, Spanish-Reading and Mathematics I or II)
  • Submit evidence of diplomas or degrees received with an official certification from previous institutions to the Department of Education’s PR team
  • The Department will provide the student with a signed and sealed official certificate of academic history
  • From your school of origin, send an official explanatory report on the grade system, the content and level of courses, and the number of hours of each subject
  • If accepted, the institution will process the corresponding Visa (Form I-20)
  • Evidence will be requested on your ability to pay for your studies at the University of Puerto Rico 

For funding assistance, international students can be teaching assistants.  

The employability rates for UPR graduates vary depending on the academic program and campus.  

In general, from the first six months after graduation, employability rates vary from 40 percent to 92 percent.  

The Medical Sciences campus, and Mayagüez and Río Piedras campuses see the highest employment rates post-graduation. The highest employment percentage are in health-related professions and STEM programs.  

All campuses offer career services support through the Dean of Student Office and academic departments, but the Mayaguez campus and Aguadilla campus have an office to support students.

The Río Piedras and Mayagüez campuses offer UPRs strong alumni network.  


University Highlights

Total students - 50,591


Total faculty staff - 2,688


Total students - 50,591


Total faculty staff - 2,688

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