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Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos



San Marcos' faculties are grouped into 6 academic areas:

Health sciences:

1. Faculty of Human Medicine

2. Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry

3. Faculty of Dentistry

4. Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine

5. Faculty of Psychology


1. Faculty of Letters and Human sciences

2. Faculty of Education

Social sciences:

1. Faculty of Law and Political science

2. Faculty of Social sciences

Basic sciences:

1. Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical engineering

2. Faculty of Biological sciences

3. Faculty of Physical sciences

4. Faculty of Mathematical sciences


1. Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical engineering

2. Faculty of Physical Sciences

3. Faculty of Geology, Mining, Metallurgy and Geography engineering

4. Faculty of Industrial engineering

5. Faculty of Electronics and Electrical engineering

Business sciences:

1. Faculty of Administrative sciences

2. Faculty of Accountancy Sciences

3. Faculty of Economic sciences

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