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Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (UPS) is a higher education institution that has been operating in Ecuador for 25 years, it educates people to be excellent professionals and good Christians. The university has over 30 academic programs, undergraduate and postgraduate, offered in its three branch campuses nationwide in the country’s three main cities: Cuenca, Guayaquil and Quito.

Education provided by Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (UPS)  is recognized by the university community and the job market as one that connects values and professional excellence.

The university is part of an educational experience with over 150 years of history and is an active member of the Salesian Institutions of Higher Education (IUS), a network of universities around the world that favor the internationalization of the proposal based on Don Bosco’s educational model.

Students are the main protagonists and are co responsible of the university’s scientific, educational and social projects. The environment in Universidad Politécnica Salesiana place people as the core of the system, it seeks to awaken students’ love for the truth and life. 

Universidad Politécnica Salesiana has three branch campuses nationwide, all with modern andsophisticated facilities to benefit all the members of the university community,especially its students.

Headquartersis located in the university’s branch campus in Cuenca. The university hasaround 6,000 students majoring in 21 undergraduate programs. Each program haslaboratories and spaces endowed with top technology so students’ can get handson practice and develop their skills and competencies for their future.

Thelargest branch campus is located in the country’s capital, Quito, and is madeup of two campuses strategically located in the north (“El Giron” campus) and thesouth (“Sur campus”). Over 12,000 people study one of the 30 academic programs,undergraduate and postgraduate, offered in this branch campus. The facilitiesare equipped with laboaratories and equipment used in major internationalindustries and companies. The branch campus in Quito also carries out academicprograms in other urban and rural centers such as Cayambe, Zumbahua, Ambato,Riobamba, Santo Domingo, Esmeraldas, Puyo, Macas and others.

Thenewest branch campus is in Guayaquil, it has just over 10 years and has about9,000 students pursuing 20 academic programs. As in the other campuses, it hasexcellent sports facilities, this is the only branch campus with its ownOlympic pool. Two campuses are located in this city, “Centenario” and “MariaAuxiliadora”, both with excellent laboratories and privileged spaces to haveclass and professional practice in every program.

UniversidadPolitécnica Salesiana is known as one of the higher education institutions inEcuador with the largest capacity in terms of technological equipment, alsoused by public institutions to train staff.

Takea virtual tour of UPS and visit its laboratories, classrooms, auditoriums,theater, coliseum and much more. 

Universidad Politécnica Salesiana focuses its model in students and provides spaces, courses, programs and activities to meet their needs.

Students prepare to be good professionals in their work, honest citizens and active members of the community. The university organizes academic and extracurricular activities according to the reality of its community, offering students the possibility of attending morning, afternoon and evening classes.

The facilities are available to students throughout the day (7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.), with its libraries, green spaces, sports facilities and laboratories.

UPS also has a students’ association (Asociacionismo Salesiano Universitario ASU) made up of several groups, supported by the university, that carry out extra-curricular activities according to students’ different interests such as cultural, sports, pastoral, artistic and social activities.

Being part of the groups helps students develop complementary competencies in their education, such as leadership, teamwork, commitment with society and fulfillment of goals.

At UPS, students enjoy many benefits and services at no additional cost, which are designed to take care of their physical and emotional well-being inside and outside of the university. In particular, the institution offers free psychological care centers, medical offices, accident insurance and the use of equipment and facilities.

People who decide to build their future in UPS have the opportunity to present their projects and proposals in academic and professional contexts of international level. A graduate of Universidad Politécnica Salesiana enters the labor market with an added value represented by their education and experience in highly competitive international contexts.

The university has admissions processes for its undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Online admissions are according to the current national regulations, the admissions system facilitates the entrance of students to the programs. The process can be done through the university’s website ( Only new students must personally be at the University for their first enrollment to present documents needed for their record. 

The University’s admissions system analyzes the particular situation of each student and defines the tuition to be paid each semester according to five socio-economic categories.

UPS programs have a specific number of spaces and is therefore limited to a specific number of new students who can enter each semester. The quota is determined jointly with the responsible public institutions and based on the capacity of the university to receive new students. This is subject to changes and updates.

UPS is an inclusive university which favors the entry of students with different types of disability and minority groups.


UPS offers twenty seven undergraduate programs and eight master’s degrees which are distributed in its three branch campuses. University programs are organized according to the area of ​​specific knowledge to which they belong, and are designed according to the current demand of the job market and the needs of current societies.

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There are national and international professors for the master’s degrees, as well as highly recognized academics and professionals in their respective fields.

The university is firmly convinced of the student's need to complete their study program with a final project that is in line with the curriculum and the program of their studies. This means there is an agile processes that facilitate the completion of studies and the rapid entry into the job market.

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