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Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar

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Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar - UTB in Cartagena - Colombia is a non-profit higher education institution, located in the Caribbean region, north of Colombia. It was the first private university in Cartagena, founded in 1970 and it was the first university in Cartagena to receive high-quality institutional accreditation from the Ministry of National Education in 2011, the maximum recognition for a higher education institution that is granted in the country (Only 17% of higher education institutions in Colombia have this recognition).

We have 60 academic programs, 18 undergraduate programs and 42 graduate programs (23 specializations, 18 master's degrees and 1 doctorate). Our student population consists of 7.407 students, of which 6.008 are undergraduate students and 1.399 are graduate students. 18.080 alumni, of which 10.213 were students from undergraduate programs and 5.694 were students from graduate programs. The 28% of the teaching staff are doctors, 65.2% are Masters.

For Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar, internationalization is a determining factor in the development of institutional objectives since, as an agent of innovation, it entails an effective response to the challenges and opportunities in the productive transformation of the region. We have 81 international agreements, of which 8 are dual degrees, and more than 900 agreements for professional internships with national and international companies, which are compulsory for all undergraduate students.

An UTB graduate’s average salary is higher than the Caribbean region’s average rate by 12% and Colombia’s average rate by 26% according to the report of the Colombian Labor Observatory of the Ministry of National Education for 2016.

In order to achieving our institutional objectives, we rely on our Institutional Development Plan 2016 - 2025, which has four strategic axes: Social Development and Regional Contribution; Academic formation of Excellence; Research, Pertinent Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Government and Institutional Management for Sustainable Development.

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