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HEC Management School, University of Liege

4000 Rue Louvrex 14 Liège View map


Located in Liège (Belgium), HEC Liège Management School is an international leader in pedagogical innovation, spearheading scientific research with a positive socio-economic impact.

HEC Liège (University of Liège) is also EQUIS awarded. The School has obtained the first EPAS accreditation granted to a PhD Program as well as the EPAS accreditations for its Masters in Management and in Business Engineering. It is AACSB eligible since 2015.

HEC Liège educates creative managers who will be responsible for building the future of businesses and organizations in a cross-cultural environment. The School is firmly anchored and active in its regional economic development.

It emphasizes the following four dimensions:

- Collaboration between all HEC stakeholders to achieve original research, education and expertise practices; - Innovative actions favouring students’ personal development through societal initiatives and commitment; - Active proficiency in languages; - Acquisition of decision-making skills based on quantitative and economic reasoning, combined to the understanding of technological challenges.

HEC Liège has forged strong dynamics and a true team-spirit between students, graduates, staff and corporate partners through their mutual commitment in its fundamental values: entrepreneurial audacity, excellence, critical thinking, respect for diversity, corporate responsibility.


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