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HEC Management School, University of Liege

Located in Liège (Belgium), HEC Liège Management School is an international leader in pedagogical innovation, spearheading scientific research with a positive socio-economic impact.

HEC Liège (University of Liège) is also EQUIS awarded. The School has obtained the first EPAS accreditation granted to a PhD Program as well as the EPAS accreditations for its Masters in Management and in Business Engineering. It is AACSB eligible since 2015.

HEC Liège educates creative managers who will be responsible for building the future of businesses and organizations in a cross-cultural environment. The School is firmly anchored and active in its regional economic development.

A warm internationally-minded community 

Open and diverse, HEC Liège is a friendly collective of students, staff and employers. International students are welcomed, and the school offers double degree programs, internships abroad, field trips and summer programs with partner universities abroad. A third of master’s students at HEC Liège are international, with 63 nationalities represented.

The student community benefits from a thriving student association and student societies (OICs), which are essentially micro-businesses run by students within various aspects of university life.

A strong focus on careers

Recent surveys found that 91% of HEC graduates are professionally active within a year after graduation. A very large majority of graduates report that their first job meets their expectations.

Benefiting from strong links with companies, HEC Liège encourages students to seek out opportunities during their studies. The institution’s focus on career development includes:

  • A relevant internship of 10 weeks as part of all master’s degrees
  • Guest speakers
  • Strong industry links
  • A careers team supporting students throughout their studies
  • A campus recruitment team, organizing meetings between companies and students to promote the recruitment of future graduates
  • HEC Alumni, a network for life (a tightknit network of 14,000 graduates worldwide, with a strong esprit de corps)
  • Skills portfolio (a  teaching structure aiming to help students build soft skills)
  • Interdisciplinary workshops

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