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Università degli Studi di Roma - Tor Vergata



The School of Economics at Tor Vergata has always considered cross-cultural activities and international exchanges as an important and fundamental aspect of educational programmes and research activities. Thus, we are deeply committed to ensuring that students, who choose to fulfil their foreign study experience in the School of Economics at Tor Vergata, play an integral part in our university community life. This guide will drive you through our Graduate Courses in Economics fully taught and administered in English. Further information can be downloaded from the listed websites. The Tor Vergata campus was founded in 1982 in the southern part of Rome. The area chosen for the new university, a large open space in the countryside, has allowed the university to expand and develop a wide access network far from the city’s congested traffic. The search for quality and efficiency was not the only criterion used for building these facilities, but also to achieve effective organization and planning of its academic and research programmes.

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