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Established in 1959, Universitas Tarumanagara (UNTAR) has grown to become one of the oldest and best universities in Indonesia. UNTAR's reputation has consistently been maintained, leading to being part of the top eight private universities nationwide.  Since 2017, UNTAR has earned an accreditation score of "A" (Excellent).  In addition to the excellent education services, the site of UNTAR's main campus is conveniently located near several of Jakarta's shopping centers, catering to students' needs within a five-minute walk.  

There are currently 15,000 students enrolled at UNTAR.  They study under the Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Visual Art and Design, Faculty of Information Technology, and Faculty of Communication. Graduate studies offer doctoral and master’s degrees in Economics and Business, Law, Architecture, and Civil Engineering.  Besides enjoying the excellent education services, students can enhance their university experience by joining many Student Union Clubs.  By becoming a member of these clubs, students will enrich their interpersonal skills through interactions with other students who share similar hobbies and passions. Those interested in UNTAR can find general information by accessing the official website www.untar.ac.id

The university also runs the social media platforms of Facebook @Untar Jakarta, Instagram @untarjakarta, Twitter @untarjakarta, and YouTube @Universitas Tarumanagara.  


Tarumanagara University Campus I is located at Jl. Letjen S. Parman 1, Jakarta, and Campus II is located within walking distance to Campus I. In addition to the campuses, Tarumanagara Foundation also owns Royal Tarumanagara Hospital, which serves all the medical needs of the general populace in the 8-storied building constructed on 9,482 square meters of land, and is located just a 15-minute walk from both Campus I and II.

The university offers comfortable classrooms equipped with a whiteboard, computer, overhead projector, microphone, speaker system, Wi-Fi connection, and air conditioning.  The seats and desks are arranged in conventionally designed rows and columns to support a teacher/student learning interaction during lectures or tutorials. Learning space at UNTAR also has theatre classrooms to accommodate larger classes.

To support high-quality learning and services to students, the library provides books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and other services. Friendly staff are available for assisting library visitors with searching and accessing resources. The main library successfully earned an “A” accreditation from the National Library in 2019. In addition to the main library, there are seven other libraries located between Campus I and II. All UNTAR libraries are fully automated, allowing quick services for users. To manage activities in the library, the Electronic Library System or Elista is responsible for all collection data, services, and reports. With Elista, the library offers reference services, user support, information literacy support, several collection services, current awareness service, quick information service for journal content, and a book catalog. Elista also helps librarians input book data and collections, book loans, book returns, and reports. Wi-Fi internet computers are available in the reading rooms and e-journal access rooms.  Through the network of Indonesian Higher Education Library Forum (FPPTI), UNTAR’s library users can also access the collections of other university libraries.

UNTAR applies electronic processes to support the learning system of the university, teaching, and administrative functions. An information system named Tarumanagara University Integrated Information Service System (LINTAR) is accessible from both on and off-campus. Academic LINTAR is the portal where all academic activities are centralized. LINTAR streamlines the services necessary for new students, transfer students, online enrollment, course participation, and graduation assessment. LINTAR also administers all processes of tuition fee payments.

Student LINTAR is built to facilitate students in accessing academic information, such as course schedule, biodata, semester course results, mark history, enrollment status, tuition fee, past tuition fee payment, scholarship registration, course attendance, announcement, subject enrollment, course material download, student’s book loan, and others. LINTAR also supports parents staying up-to-date with their children’s progress. For example, academic announcements, enrollment status, marks, tuition fee bills, and past payments. For lecturers, LINTAR facilitates e-learning that covers course material uploads, on-line class participants and attendance, and assessments. The university’s information system provides email accounts for all staff and students, tailored to single sign on that allows them to access other facilities. In addition, the information system builds a tracking system to automate correspondences at the faculty and university levels.  A tracking system can be accessed through the internet and intranet.   

Current enrollment is approximately 15,000 students, including international students who study at Tarumanagara University. International students come from the countries of Malaysia, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Congo, China, Japan, Timor Leste and other locations.

While studying, students can get extracurricular experience by participating in student clubs based on their hobbies and passions.  The university hosts 65 different student clubs that can channel student interests into a wide range of activities. These clubs recruit new members at the beginning of the academic year. This recruitment begins with a lively student club week, presenting themes including art, athletics, and hobbies.  The most popular club is the Tarumanagara Choir, which consistently participates in national and international competitions.

This year UNTAR has been trusted by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education to host the National Student Church Choir Festival. Other popular student clubs include Tarumanagara Theatre Arts Association, Tarumanagara English Club, and Citra Pesona Dance Association. By becoming a member of any club, students learn leadership skills, social experience, and other useful life skills. These clubs may open avenues for students leading to professional life.     

High school graduates from schools accredited by the Ministry of Education are eligible to take the entrance exam. First, a prospective student must fill out a registration form. Second, they must take a qualifying entrance exam consisting of Indonesian (“Bahasa Indonesia”), mathematics, and English. Upon passing the qualifying exam, the student submits a copy of their high school diploma, a medical statement declaring their physical and mental well-being, and a medical file declaring their body is clean from any drug abuse substances (narcotics, psychotropics, and other addictive substances). Additional requirements are necessary to apply for some areas of study: a sketching skill exam for Interior Design Study Program and Visual Communication Design and psychological exam for candidates to Faculty of Medicine.        

International students who have graduated from a high school in their home country are eligible to register as prospective students at Tarumanagara University. They are required to submit supporting documents to assess their eligibility.  International students must submit a high school diploma, a bachelor or master degree for postgraduate applicants, passport, passport photo (3 cm x 4 cm), a statement declaring a financial guarantee of support for their academic study and living expenses while in Indonesia, a statement of apolitical involvement or membership of any political party during their study, declaration of non-recipient of scholarship from the Indonesian government, a medical certificate from a health professional stating sound health, and letter of acceptance from UNTAR.  

UNTAR graduates have a high employability rate, proven by UNTAR’s receiving of 5 stars in the QS Rating. While in university, students experienced excellent academic activities.  Through involvement in extracurricular activities, students enhance their academic competence with a set of additional skills.  As a result, UNTAR graduates possess combined academic excellence and personality attributes of tolerance, leadership, social engagement, time management, and entrepreneurship. A tracer study conducted in 2018 proved the high figures of alumni employability within three to six months after graduation, for example Management Study Program of the Faculty of Economics 81%; Accounting Study Program of the Faculty of Economics 88%; Faculty of Communication Science 81%; Faculty of Law 83.8%; Informatics Engineering Study Program at the Faculty of Information Technology 83.33% (within three months); Faculty of Psychology 84.8%; and Interior Design Study Program at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design 85%.

The university offers career services to students and alumni through the Untar Career Center.  Services for students are carried out by actively advertising part-time and full-time job vacancies as well as internship positions.  The Untar Career Center organizes on-campus job fairs for students by collaborating with the student body and a number of companies. Besides student services, the Untar Career Center also provides employment services through which career-minded staff will utilize companies and other organizations to recruit students and prospective employees. By collaborating with companies and other employer organizations, the Untar Career Center organizes seminars and workshops that share wisdom and insight with students who are preparing themselves for a career.

The university maintains its strong relations with alumni through the Tarumanagara Alumni Association. Alumni contribute to the development of the university in many ways.  They deliver public lectures about industry-related subjects, motivate students, act as resource personnel during seminars, workshops and other academic meetings. Some join as faculty, assist in designing curriculum, become donors, donate new books and laboratory equipment, and get involved with expanding the alumni network. Alumni contributions benefit the university.     

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