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Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)




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UKM today has expanded to thirteen well-established faculties and thirteen institutes. In addition, UKM has established a private limited holding company known as UKM Holdings, which handles the commercial activity of UKM. UKM encompasses an academic community of 2,460 (360 professors; 696 associate professors; 1,247 lecturers and 43 tutors and 114 teachers), supporting staff of more than 9500 and a student population of approximately 18,688. Currently, UKM has about 11,705 undergraduate students, and 6,983 postgraduate students of which 2,173 are foreign students from 45 different countries. Since its establishment in 1970 up till 2016, the University has produced more than 178,051 graduates; 143,206 Bachelors, 30,602 Masters and 4,243 PhDs. UKM, though a brainchild of nationalistic fervour and aspirations, is very international in outlook without sacrificing its cherished culture and values.

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