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University of Calcutta was the first University to be established in British India on 24 January 1857. Certainly it was established to promote western knowledge and learning in colonial interest. But ultimately, it emerged as the nucleus of a range of academic activities which contributed to the development of Indian science and technology and the understanding of the country’s past and the nation’s perceptions for the future. Besides, the
University has always remained alive to emerging political, social and economic challenges of the nation and the world.

It is, therefore, not unnatural that the University has a legacy of a tradition of notable firsts.

  • The first University located to the east of Suez to teach European Classics, English Literature, European and Indian Philosophy and Occidental and Oriental History.
  • The First Medical School of Asia, the Calcutta Medical College, was set up in 1835 and was affiliated to the University.
  • The First College for Women in India, the Bethune College, was set up in 1879 as a College affiliated to the University.
  • The nation’s First Homeopathy College was established in 1880, and was affiliated to the University.
  • The University Science College was established in 1914, the first in India.
  • Rabindranath Tagore, the first noble laureate in literature (1913) from India, was closely associated with the University of Calcutta.
  • The First Blind School in India came into being in 1925, which was affiliated to the University.
  • C.V.Raman, the first noble laureate in Physics (1930) from India, was  the first Palit Professor of Physics of the University of Calcutta.
  •  The First University Museum in India, the Asutosh Museum of the University, was established in 1937.
  •  The Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM) was set up in 1953 as the country’s First Management Institute. The Institute remains affiliated to the University.
  • Amartya Sen, the first noble laureate in Economic Sciences (1998) from India, was a former student of the University of Calcutta. Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee, another former student of the University of Calcutta, also awarded the 2019 noble prize in Economic Sciences.

 Vision & Mission:

  •  To enrich the teaching-learning process in tune with the principles of equity and justice and a commitment to broaden the access to the higher education system.
  • To ensure a holistic development of the University by ensuring a balanced growth of literature, humanities, social sciences, basic sciences and emerging areas in biological, applied and technological sciences.
  • To develop a congenial community life within the University and motivate the University to fulfill its commitments to the nation and society

Significantly, these visions of the University are in consonance with the four Es which are essential ingredients of India’s higher education policy: 

Expansion, Excellence, Equity and Employability.

Expansion :

To cater to the rising aspirations for higher education and to enhance Gross Enrollment Ratio, the University has been utilizing its resources in an optimum manner to provide greater access to higher education.

Excellence, Equity & Access :

  • The University has sought to expand without compromising with quality in tune with principles of equity and access.
  • Students from Below Poverty Line are exempted from all University fees;
  • University fees are affordable, and
  • Ph.D. fees are even lower than some of our neighbouring universities.

University Highlights

University of Calcutta is one of the top Public universities in Kolkata, India. It is ranked #801-1000 in QS Global World Rankings 2021.

Total students - 14,938


International students - 109


Total faculty staff - 730


Total students - 14,938


International students - 109


Total faculty staff - 730

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