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University of Diyala

Diyala province Baaquba,


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The University of Diyala has five campuses in the Diyala Governorate, northeastern Iraq, 64 km from the capital, Baghdad.

It’s only 10km away from the city center, and the location allows the university to expand in future colleges and expand green areas.

The center of Diyala province is called the city of Baquba, which is an Iraqi city and the center of Diyala province in Iraq, is about 64 km to the northeast of the capital, Baghdad, and it is located on the Diyala River, and a (small river) stream called Saraya Khuraisan, which is one of the branches of the Diyala River, passes about 46 meters above sea level. And its population is estimated at 268,866 people, according to the 2014 census.Its foundation dates back to before the Islamic conquest. It is well known in Iraq as the city of oranges, due to the large number of orange groves around it, as well as cultivating other types of citrus fruits, in addition to cultivating palm and grapes.

The climate of Diyala Governorate is mild in summer and cool in winter. The Lake Hamrin basin is considered a specific region with a rhombic shape and the Hamrin mountain range forms the southeastern boundary of the basin, which is a broad belt for the basin. Western The erosion of these hills from the northeastern face made an easy sediment always in the northwestern part of it.
The province is characterized by archaeological hills that date back to the beginning of the fifth millennium BC until the late civilizational times, the most important of which is the Asmara hill, which is the place of the city of Ashnona.

Founded in 1999, the public institution’s academic year runs from September to June.
The university aspires to achieve distinction between its counterparts from local, Arab and international universities and be a leading and distinguished university in higher education and scientific research.

Excellence in providing higher education services to meet the needs of the local, regional and international community and contribute effectively and permanently to achieving social and economic development in Iraq.

The university’s mission is achieved through adherence to international standards of excellence in the fields of education, research, community service, and the development of human and financial resources for the university.

The university hopes to:

•    Prepare graduates scientifically, culturally and professionally to enable them to get careers in the public, private and mixed sectors
•    Build a true partnership with the local, Arab and international community by holding lectures, courses, seminars and conferences related to the educational process through scientific and cultural cooperation with accredited universities and organizations
•    Contribute to building an integrated learning environment for the community that is characterized by creativity, discrimination and positive interaction inside and outside the university

At Diyala University, those majoring in engineering fields including: power, electrical machinery, mechanics, and electronics can practically apply them in Diyala Electrical Industries; Medical school students can practice at the nearby General Hospital of Baquba.

English is the taught language for scientific colleges, whereas Arabic is used in human and educational colleges.

The university of Diyala consists of five campuses. The first is the main site, or it is called the university presidency campus, 10 km south of the city of Baquba which contains 9 colleges. The second campus is located inside the city of Baquba, which includes the College of Engineering, the third campus in the city of Baquba includes the College of Administration and Economics, the fourth campus within the city of Baquba includes the College of Fine Arts, while the fifth campus is 30 km northeast of the city of Baquba and is called the District of Muqdadiya and includes the College of Education Al Miqdad:

•    Presidential Campus which has the Central Library Building and eight colleges present: Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Science, Agriculture, Pure Sciences Education, Humanities Education, Physical Education and Physical Sciences, Islamic Sciences
•    Campus of the Colleges of Engineering and Law: This campus includes residential apartments for academics and university administrators. There is a cultural meeting building and a conference palace.
•    Campus of the Colleges of Fine Arts, Administration and Economics
•    College of Basic Education Campus: It is located inside the city of Baquba, near the center of Diyala Governorate, at the bridge of the Republic
•    Al-Moqdad College Campus

To find out more about accommodation/dormitory services please follow this link.

Some of the other services include:

•    Housing units for academics at low prices
•    Free transportation for employees
•    Free medical treatment to students, academics, and employees
•    Food in the university cafeterias at low prices
•    Library borrowing
•    Free lunches for students during Ramadan

Popular extracurricular activities include:

  • Volunteer work and university and community service
  • Cultural festivals like poetry and the arts
  • Organizing book fairs
  • Graduation Parties
  • Effectively support political activities, human rights and women's freedom in Iraq

Students coming from outside the city of Baquba / Diyala Governorate Center live male and female student accommodation. The internal departments are comfortable and provide all services. Security personnel are there to help too.

COVID-19 Information: 

• What is the status of the planned campus opening days / tours? 
Certainly, the conditions these days will be easily eliminated once the causes are gone and the Corona virus is eliminated. Currently being contacted via media (email and Facebook) 

• How can applicants contact the university regarding their application?
They can communicate with the staff of the Scholarships and Cultural Relations Department headed by University of Diyala through the university's website.
•How do you deal with university applicants whose exams were canceled? 
Students will be compensated and exams returned for applicants

• What advice does the university offer to applicants who are unable to pass the English language test due to the closing of the centers?
The matter can be dealt with easily as an appropriate date will be set for student compensation and a retest of the English language for them.
Delayed applicants will be compensated because Diyala University is not primarily a nonprofit organization and it looks at a very high human level for students applying and away from their families, but rather extends a helping hand in housing, health care, and food. These are the ethics and principles of all university officials and supervisors.
• How does the university support applicants whose visa applications are delayed?
Just they should send them the application to University of Diyala, it will complete the procedures. 

• Does the university still accept applications? Are there any restrictions imposed on international applicants?
Students are very welcome at any time, University of Diyala will facilitate procedures and inform the international students. 

• How are university residency applications processed?
University accommodation is guaranteed by the university 

• Does the university make any changes to the admission requirements (i.e. test results and required documents)?
The instructions have not changed, and the university simplifies the procedures more for the circumstances the world is going through and the economic crisis that accompanied the spread of the epidemic. We provide parental care for applicants because they are not only students, but we treat them with our guests at University of Diyala, and we take care of them and provide them with safety, care, adequate housing, health care, food assistance and pocket money.

Entry requirements include:

  • Secondary school certificate and the student's carry mark are the most important documents
  • Tuition Fees applicable to international students range from 2000 to 4000 dollars annually, depending on the colleges

There are scholarships for international students, find out more here.

There is the Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division (CDC) at University of Diyala Presidency, where there are 14 units distributed across the 14 colleges.

The CDC and its units are seeking to obtain jobs for graduates in governmental and private sectors. On average, there are approximately 3,500 graduates from the University of Diyala annually.

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