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University of Television and Film Munic

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The Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München (HFF Munich) is conceptualized as a place of comprehensive education and professional training. Our aim is to advance the development of talented young people as artistic personalities, to encourage and support them on their path toward an individual capacity for cinematic expression.

The University of Television and Film Munich upholds a tradition of comprehensive training in all aspects of movie-making – from creative design, film craft and technology, to media science and business. We place the same emphasis on free space for esthetic experimentation; film language innovation; and a complex, content-focused discourse on cinematic storytelling as a reflection of social reality. One of the guiding concepts of the University of Television and Film Munich is that, apart from teaching, all faculty members – professors, as well as artistic, academic and technical instructors – maintain active professional careers in the arts, research or industry. This is an essential basis for up-to-date discourse, for an exchange between professional practice and academic education that is indispensable to our students and their future careers.

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