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Vinnytsia National Pirogov Memorial Medical University

Pirogov str., 56 Vinnytsya,
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Vinnitsya National Pirogov Memorial Medical University is a state educational establishment founded in 1921. It is specialized only on teaching medicine having six faculties: Medical # 1 (General Medicine), Medical # 2 (Pediatrics), Dentistry, Pharmaceutical, Preparatory and Post-Graduate.

The undergraduate students after 6-year course get Master’s Degree in Medicine and 5-year course – Master’s Degree in Dentistry or Pharmacy. Post-graduate courses are available in 33 medical and dental specialties. VNMU is accredited according the highest fourth level of state accreditation.

VNMU is a part of Bologna process and ECTS. The diploma is accepted in most of the countries of the world.

The teaching staff includes 128 Doctors of Medical Sciences, 678 PhDs (Medicine), 25 Honoured Workers of Science and Techniques of Ukraine, 4 Academicians of High School Academy of Ukraine, 12 Honoured Doctors of Ukraine, 10 laureates of The State Prize of Ukraine.
The total number of students is 8600 persons and 2000 international students from nearly 60 countries of the world. The medium of instruction is Ukrainian and English.

VNMU has several university clinics with approximately 7800 patients’ places, several licensed laboratories: Scientific Research Center of Functional Morphology and Genetics, Laboratory of Experimental Neurophysiology, Experimental Pharmaceutical Laboratory, Clinical & Diagnostic Laboratories of Allergology, Gastroenterology, Bacteriology and Experimental Cardiology. There are 12 scientific schools, in particular of physiologists, anatomists, of functional morphology and antropogenetics, of pharmacologists, microbiologists, gynecologists, pediatric surgeons; scientific school of experimental surgery of abdominal organs.
VNMU houses more than 50 scientific conferences annually. The university also has international cooperation and joint researches with many scientific institutions of the world, such as Birmingham University (USA), Wanderbildt University (USA), Franklin Pierce College (USA), Limoges University (France) and others.
UNMU has International Office that helps international students from the first moment they arrive to Ukraine.

The university in situated a large campus with academic buildings, hostels, canteens, recreation area and other facilities.

Further information is available at the official site http://foreign.vnmu.edu.ua/en/, https://www.vnmu.edu.ua

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