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Vyatka State University



Personnel Information Number of VSU employees - 1414 Faculty – 661 Doctors of Science and Professors - 73 Candidates of Science and Associate Professors – 311 259 employees have been awarded State and special Awards Educational Activity The University is licensed for: 75 specialities and areas of Higher Professional Education, 8 specialities of Secondary Professional Education The University’s students and members of the faculty; managers and specialists of Kirov and Kirov region companies can enjoy any of the 31 programs of additional vocational training. The university trains 12,849 students of whom: 4967 full-time students 355 evening courses students 7527 correspondence students Certain fundamental and applied researches in 29 areas of regional, federal and international significance are being carried out. A regional competition is annually held by joint efforts of the Kirov region and Russian Foundation for Fundamental research. High-priority research areas: - bio- and nano-biotechnologies; - IT. Post-graduate and doctoral candidacy courses are available at the VSU. A specialized doctorate council has been established to review DM.212.042.01 (??.212.042.01) theses for speciality 030023 Biotechnology.

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