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4,000 USD - 6,000 USD

All students, faculty, and staff of Yamaguchi University shall join together to create a university where mutual education is a key concept. The university will develop persons equipped with human strengths such as the ability to identify problems and a spirit of welcoming challenges, and with international comprehension and advanced specialized capabilities. Yamaguchi University aims to train and develop persons who can be active in many areas of society, such as high-quality instructors and excellent medical staff, and will strengthen international cooperation through research, provide advanced medical care to local communities, offer lifetime learning and develop links between industry and academia, and in other ways carry out activities that are based in connections with local societies and the international community in terms of education, research, medical care, culture, and economics. As a core regional general university, Yamaguchi University will develop as a university with unique and distinctive characteristics in the Asia Pacific Region, and thereby provide the results of our education and research to a broad range of society, create real connections with local societies and the international community, and contribute to the advancement of all societies.

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