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QS Best Student Cities ranking: =68th

Mexico’s lively and unique capital boasts an impressive selection of world-class universities, with no less than seven universities in (or close to) the city featuring in the QS World University Rankings® 2023. Its leading institution, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), is well established as one of the top universities in Latin America and is a regular fixture at the top of QS’s dedicated ranking for the region.

Mexico City is typically described as a place of contrasts and variety. Students choosing to study here should be aware of the city’s reputation for pollution and crime and be prepared for these aspects. Nevertheless, the city is also known and loved for its grand old colonial-era buildings, its traditional street food, historic sites and archaeological excavations, vibrant annual carnival celebrations, and diverse nightlife.

Internationally ranked universities in Mexico City

More about Mexico City

Mexico City scores impressively for affordability, due to relatively low tuition fees and low living costs, especially when compared to cities in North America, western Europe and Australia. It also scores well for employer activity, demonstrating it's a great place for students to kick-start their career after graduation.

To find out how each of the above categories is calculated, view the methodology.

Number of universities ranked by QS


Highest-ranked institution

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) (104th)



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Student Mix rank =110th

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Why study in Mexico City?

Discover Mexican culture

Mexico's capital city is one of the world's most unique cities. Students have a unique opportunity to discover Mexican culture by going to museums, exploring more than 30 UNESCO World Heritage sites and celebrating several traditional festivities such as El Día de los Muertos and El Día de la Independencia.

Amazing landscapes

Mexico is a beautiful country through and through - and its capital city is no exception. Mexico City's ideal location makes it easy to visit incredible sites such as Tulum's paradisiac beaches, the archeological ruins of Palenque, the Xochimilco canals and the Teotihuacan pyramids. 

Eat, and then eat some more

Going out to eat in Mexico City is a real experience, one that will give you a real taste for the city - and the country's - rich culinary history.

Some of the best foods you can get in the capital include tamales, quesadillas, gorditas, tlacoyos, pambazos and - of course - fresh guacamole, all topped off with a fresh local beer. 

What is the cost of studying in Mexico City?

Mexico City scores extremely well for affordability. The city is truly a gem for students thanks to a combination of beautiful landscapes, great lifestyle and low costs of living.

A single apartment in the city center is only US$621 per month, over 66 percent less than in New York City and 70 percent less than in London. 

Life & culture in Mexico City

Thanks to indigenous, North American and Spanish influences, Mexico City has a varied and captivating culture that spans continents and centuries.

Locals are known to be extremely friendly and kind, making it easy for students to settle in. And because costs of living are low, the city allows anyone to have a great lifestyle without spending too much. There's truly something to do for everyone in Mexico City: from clubbing to local festivals to food and drink, you'll never be bored.

Careers in Mexico City

Mexico City performed the best in the employer activity indicator - a great feat for a city that doesn't benefit from proximity to global business hubs.

Graduates can find works across sectors, but those that have been flourishing the most thanks to local entrepreneurship and foreign investment include healthcare, manufacturing, tourism, fintech and aerospace.

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