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Top Universities in Australia for Computer Science

By Keshala Jayawickrama

Updated January 8, 2024 Updated January 8, 2024

The recently released QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023 features 686 of the best universities to study computer science in the world – with 22 of these located in Australia

The QS World University Rankings by Subject are based on five indicators: academic reputation, employer reputation, research citations per paper, international research network and the H-index (a way of measuring the productivity and published work of a scientist or scholar). You can find more details about the methodology behind the subject rankings here

Read on to learn more about the top ten computer science schools in Australia this year. Alternatively, if you would like to explore the computer science schools in further detail, click here to view the full table. 

Top 10 universities for computer science in Australia 

Based on the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023 

Australia ranking 

World ranking 

Name of institution 



University of Melbourne 



Australian National University (ANU) 




University of New South Wales (UNSW) 




University of Sydney 




Monash University 




University of Technology Sydney (UTS) 



University of Adelaide 



University of Queensland (UQ) 




Macquarie University  




Queensland University of Technology (QUT) 




RMIT University 


10= RMIT University 

RMIT University

Sharing the 10th spot in Australia with two other universities and ranked 151-200 worldwide this year is RMIT University. RMIT University scores particularly well in the research citations per paper indicator which is a reflection of the high levels of research taking place within the university. 

RMIT University’s computer science and information systems courses have an emphasis on programming and software development and include input from a variety of industry representatives. 

10=.Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Also in joint 10th this year is the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), ranking 151-200 worldwide. QUT performs the best in the research citations per paper indicator, due to its extensive research programmes. 

QUT is located in Brisbane, Australia’s third largest city, and as a result, is able to maintain close links with business representatives and industry professionals – extending their ‘real world focus’ approach to teaching. 

10=. Macquarie University

Macquarie University

Macquarie University also shares 10th place in Australia for computer science this year with the above two universities. The best performing indicator of the university is the research citations per paper with international research network closely following at second place, both of which are testaments to their outstanding commitment towards research.  

Notably, Macquarie University's School of Computing boasts 14 lab facilities dedicated to cybersecurity, networking, and gaming, including a VR space and a $10 million cybersecurity hub. The school is also staffed with experts who collectively bring over 100 years of industry experience. 

8. The University of Queensland (UQ)

The University of Queensland (UQ)

Ranked eighth this year, is the University of Queensland (UQ), with a global ranking of 122nd. UQ’s highest score in the indicators is for research citations per paper, showcasing their global reputation for research. 

UQ's School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science stands at the forefront of computer science, IT, and electrical engineering. With a dedicated focus on teaching excellence and cutting-edge research, the school inspires students, graduates, teachers, and researchers to innovate technology and address global challenges. 

7. University of Adelaide 


The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is home to the seventh best computer science course in Australia which is ranked 113th globally. It particularly excels in the research citations per paper indicator,for which it’s ranked seventh in the world. 

Established in 1874, the University of Adelaide is the third oldest university in Australia. The School of Computer Science at the university provides a diverse array of computer science courses, enabling its students to tailor their studies towards their respective career paths. 

5=.University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

In joint fifth place is the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), ranked joint 73rd in the world. UTS scores excellently for their international research network, closely followed by research citations per paper and H-index, with its programmes being constantly updated to reflect developments in research and technology. 

The university has strong connections with industry professionals through its teaching and learning, research and consultation. These partnerships allow UTS to give its computer science courses a more practical element, which helps improve graduate employability. 

5=. Monash University

Monash University

Ranked joint 73rd globally, Monash University shares fifth place in Australia for computer science this year with UTS. Monash University stands out as a recognised global leader in research, earning its highest score in the international research network indicator and the second highest in research citations per paper. 

Monash University’s computer science course teaches students problem-solving, programming and analytical skills, as well as how to apply these in the real world. The university’s international outlook means that students will also be able to benefit from research collaborations, global partnerships and a range of opportunities oversees. 


3=. The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney

Sharing third place in Australia with UNSW this year, and ranked joint 57th in the world, is the University of Sydney. The highest score achieved by the university is for the research citations per paper indicator and the second highest is for H-index citations, showcasing university's research-oriented approach, aiming to address significant societal challenges. 

The majority of the university’s courses are accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and teach fundamental principles and practical skills in computing. The university also has strong links to industry professionals, including Microsoft, IBM and CISCO, as well as having a purpose-built centre with advanced facilities, including access to Dell EMC’s Artemis 3 supercomputer

3=. The University of New South Wales (UNSW)

The University of New South Wales (UNSW)

University of New South Wales (UNSW) is ranked joint 57th in the world and joint third in Australia for computer science this year. The university’s 4,400 researchers are world leaders in quantum computing and as a result, UNSW scores exceptionally well in the H-Index indicator. 

Computer science students of UNSW benefit from getting the opportunity to use all the latest technologies in high-spec labs, including a Digital Investigation Lab and a Cyber Security Suite. 

2. Australian National University (ANU)


Maintaining its position as the second-best university in Australia for computer science for yet another year, the Australian National University (ANU) is also ranked 56th globally. ANU excels across all indicators, particularly securing the highest score for research citations per paper. 

Despite ANU's lowest score being recorded for academic reputation, it still holds the second rank in Australia for this indicator. The university continually updates its computer science degrees to address future challenges, enhancing the employability of its graduates. 

 1. The University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne

For the fourth consecutive year, the University of Melbourne maintains its position as the top university with the best computer science course in Australia, ranked 41st globally. The university excels across all indicators, demonstrating comprehensive success in research, academic achievements, and graduate employability.  

Notably, the University of Melbourne holds the first position in Australia for both academic and employer reputation indicators. 

The School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne boasts over 50 years of experience, establishing itself as an international leader in teaching and research. Over this period, the school has played a pioneering role in commissioning Australia's first computer, managing initial internet connections, and consistently staying at the forefront of innovation. 


Which university is best to study computer science in Australia? 

According to the most recent QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023: Computer Science and Information Systems, the university with the best computer science course in Australia is the University of Melbourne. Globally, the course is ranked 41st, showcasing the university's consistent position at the forefront of innovation. 

Is Australia good in computer science? 

Australia is recognised as a fairly strong location for computer science studies, with its top universities ranking globally between 41st and 60th in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023: Computer Science and Information Systems. Some universities even excel in specific indicators securing indicator-wise rankings in the top 10. However, it's essential to note that other countries also offer excellent computer science programmes. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences.  

You can explore the complete list of universities offering computer science programmes here to make an informed decision based on your unique preferences and priorities. 

What is the cost of a computer science course in Australia?  

The cost of a computer science course in Australia can vary depending on the university, the specific programme, and whether the student is an international or domestic student. On average, for international students, tuition fees for computer science courses can range from AUD 20,000 to AUD 45,000 per year. Domestic students usually pay significantly lower tuition fees, and there might be additional costs for textbooks, materials, and living expenses.  

It's advisable to check the official websites of the specific universities or contact their admissions offices for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the cost of computer science courses in Australia. 

This article was originally published in March 2020 . It was last updated in January 2024

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